"Why are there no male asari."

There are no female asari either so…

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lavernecox: Behind the scenes of the October cover shoot for@essencemag with @nikkibeharie. Isn’t she lovely?

2 awesome ladies being awesome.


lavernecoxBehind the scenes of the October cover shoot for@essencemag with @nikkibeharie. Isn’t she lovely?

2 awesome ladies being awesome.

The monosexual privilege checklist makes me sad because it suggests that LG people don’t experience anything on the list when it contains such items as:

  1. Society assures me that my sexual identity is real and that people like me exist.
  2. When I disclose my sexual identity to others, they believe it without requiring me to prove it (usually by disclosing my sexual and romantic history)
  3. I can feel sure that, upon disclosing my sexual identity, people accept that it’s my real/actual sexual identity (rather than assuming that I am lying or simply wrong).
  4. Perception/acceptance of my sexual identity is generally independent of my choices of relationships, partners, and lifestyles.
  5. It is unlikely that disclosing my sexual identity in a non-sexual context will be taken as a sign of sexual availability or consent.
  6. When seen with a partner I’m dating, I can be certain I will be recognized as a member of my sexual-identity group by members of my community.
  7. I do not have to choose between either invisibility (“passing”) or being consistently “othered” and/or tokenized in my community based on my sexual identity.
  8. If I encounter a fictional, historical or famous figure of my sexual identity, I can be reasonably sure that s/he will be named as such in the text or by the media, reviewers and audience.
  9. I can find, fairly easily, reading material, institutions, media representations, etc. which give attention specifically to people of my sexual identity.
  10. I can fairly easily find representations of people of my sexual-identity group and my lifestyle in the media and the arts. I encounter such representations without needing to look hard.

Maybe some of these things (and others on the list) happen to gay men and lesbians less, but it doesn’t feel anywhere close enough to call them privileged for it.


trumbulumbu asked: I know this is not the right channel to ask this, but I can't think of any other... I've been a fan of ''itswalky/shortpacked'' for a handful of years now. A few months ago you posted a comic which had 4 virtually-identical panels with a single line of dialogue ( id=2074). My natural response was to comment "You can do better than this Willis, lazy comic is lazy", which got me auto-banned. Do you think that's even remotely fair? Wasn't it a little bit disproportionate? :/


No, that’s not disproportionate.  That was you being an asshole.  Why would I want someone around who tells me I’m lazy whenever my free comic isn’t up to their particular standards?  I have every right to keep my own website free of toxic attitudes towards myself as a human being.  

I know that grouping people together isn’t inherently offensive, but you can’t suggest that straight and lesbian/gay people can be put under the same label in the same way that, say, all white people can fit under one label without sounding like a jerk. All white people have access to white privilege, while even the author who popularized the idea of monosexual privilege admits that gay men and lesbians get very little access to this privilege and are not our oppressors. If a group of monosexual people doesn’t really get the privilege, then how is monosexuality an axis of privilege?


wish I could be more cutting, droll, and sardonic every time I see the rush to assure men that feminism helps them just as much.

but, I’m more or less just really terrified of the men who need to know how not hurting women will help them before they stop. 


guys call girls who like bands crazy and obsessive for knowing all of the band members’ birthdays but they know everything about every football player ever? they know the names, the teams they’ve been on, the teams they’re going to join, how much money they’re all making and all the stats of every player ever? but while this and fantasy football is good and is deemed “normal” girls are still being called crazy and hormonal for going to their favorite band’s concert

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when a meme gets too overused it becomes… memeingless

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